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Ask the Experts – July 20, 2015

Question:  If my client receives Social Security survivor benefits from her deceased spouse and then gets re-married, is she still eligible for the survivor benefits?

Answer:  It depends.

If your client re-marries before age 60, she cannot receive survivor benefits as a surviving spouse while married. If, however, remarriage occurs after age 60, the client will continue to qualify for benefits on her deceased spouse’s Social Security record.

If the client re-marries after 60 and stays married long enough to become eligible for spousal benefits, she may be eligible for three types of benefits: one based on the deceased spouse’s record, another based on the new spouse’s record and the third based on her own record. While she may be eligible for three different types of benefits, the Social Security Administration will generally pay ONLY whichever benefit is the highest.

Your client may be able to collect a certain type of benefit now and then switch to a higher benefit later.