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Ask the Experts – June 17, 2015

Question: If my client activates the income rider on my annuity, does that qualify for the substantially equal periodic payments exception to the early distribution penalty?

Answer:  Not necessarily.

The IRS gives us three methods under Code Section 72(t) to determine substantially equal periodic payments in order to avoid the 10% additional tax on distributions taken from qualified accounts before age 59 ½. The methods can be found in Revenue Ruing 2002-62, they are:

  • Required minimum distribution method
  • Amortization method
  • Annuitization method

Each of these methods requires its own calculation based upon the account value and the life expectancy of the account owner. Simply receiving a set amount each year from an income rider does not necessarily meet these calculation requirements.

The payments from the income rider would have to exactly equal to the Section 72(t) substantially equal periodic payments determined by one of these methods to qualify as an exception to the additional tax on early distributions.

There is a free calculator for Section 72(t) distributions at