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Ask the Experts – March 10, 2015

Question: I have a client turning 70 ½ this year in 2015. I know she is still eligible to contribute to a Traditional IRA for 2014, but not for 2015. If she opens a new IRA and contributes $6,500 for 2014, will she have to take a required minimum distribution for 2015 from that account?

Answer:  No

IRS Publication 590 Individual Retirement Arrangements clarifies that an individual can make contributions to their IRA for a given year until the due date for filing their tax return for that year, not including extensions. In other words an individual generally has until April 15, 2015 to make a contribution to their IRA for 2014.

Publication 590 also gives us the rules for determining when required minimum distributions must start and how to calculate them. An individual must receive at least a minimum amount from their IRA beginning with the year they turn 70 ½. In order to figure the amount for the required minimum distribution, the account balance as of December 31 for the preceding year is divided by the applicable distribution period or life expectancy factor for the individual.

In this case the individual client made the initial contribution in 2015 for year 2014. Since the account was opened in 2015, there is no account balance as of December 31 2014. Because there is a zero account balance as of December 31, 2014 there is no required minimum distribution due for 2015 from this account. The client will have to take required minimum distributions from this account in 2016 and for the following years.