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Protected Tomorrows

Protected Tomorrows, Inc. is an advocacy firm that enhances the lives of people with special needs through a comprehensive life planning process. They create Future Care Plans™, which address the needs of the individual with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, or cognitive and neurological diseases. For more information please click here.


Tax Numbers

A number of figures used in financial planning are subject to change or indexed for inflation. These numbers are scattered throughout the Internal Revenue Code and regulations, so we compile a yearly guide bringing all the updated figures to one place with helpful explanations describing what these numbers mean.

Want this guide? Just email to receive our latest article containing the 2014 numbers pertaining to:

  • Employer-sponsored plans;
  • IRAs and other savings accounts;
  • Social Security taxes and benefits;
  • Medicare premiums and taxes;
  • Tax deductions and phaseouts;
  • Exemption phaseouts;
  • Tax credits;
  • Individual, corporate, estate, and trust income tax rates; and
  • Estate and gift taxes.