Advanced Underwriting Consultants

Golden Bullets

GOLDEN BULLETS is a one page two-sided client-oriented personalized monthly newsletter that “tracks” with each issue of THINK ABOUT IT. We send you one master copy each month. As a licensee, you have the right to reproduce an unlimited number of copies (paper or electronically by fax or e-mail) and send to as many clients and prospective clients as desired.

GOLDEN BULLETS is designed to capsulize the most consumer-oriented aspects of each month’s THINK ABOUT IT. This way, as a Golden Bullets licensee, you will be prepared with more extensive information, citations and reference sources for each subject. It’s the ideal way to cost-effectively keep your name and phone number continually in front of clients and prospective clients.

We send you a word version of Golden Bullets and you can customize it in a way that fits you!

Annual Subscription Rates: $220 plus s/h

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