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THINK ABOUT IT is written by Linas Sudzius

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Get the latest life insurance and financial tools, techniques, and cutting edge planning concepts. We tell it like we see it – month after month.

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Company subscribers receive a master copy of THINK ABOUT IT and are given a license to reproduce and distribute. Your organization reproduces and sends THINK ABOUT IT to your authorized individuals. Prices are based on publication 12 times each year, and the rate applies whether or not you chose to publish each issue.

Company subscribers may:

Put their own cover on the issue with the name, logo, phone, fax number, etc. of your association but the cover must say: “Think About It” and the copyright, website and phone number must appear on each page.

They may delete any article but may not change any article without prior verbal approval.

Company-Wide and Organization Wide Distribution Rights*:

  • 50-100 Employees ($125/month)
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*Please call 615-224-1291 to subscribe or for more information on company rates