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Do you need to buy life insurance?  Are you confused about the process and your choices?

Look no further.  Let Linas Sudzius, in What Most Life Insurance Agents Won’t Tell You, give you the inside scoop on

  • The best life insurance policies to buy,
  • The best life insurance companies to deal with,
  • The right agent to use during the buying process and
  • The kinds of problems life insurance can solve.

Linas is a Tennessee lawyer with a long background in the life insurance business.  When he got his professional start, he was confused about life insurance.  The more experience he developed, the more he realized that others are confused about life insurance, too.

Read the book that has been 25 years in the making, and get all your questions about life insurance answered.

Linas is also co-author of Sell Out:  The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Transferring a Closely Held Business.  Written with a CPA and a business broker, the book offers a practical perspective to an entrepreneur who hopes to transfer the business one day.

Each book may be ordered directly from AUC.  Individual copies are $20, and discounts are available for bulk purchases.