Advanced Underwriting Consultants


This book could more aptly be named “Everything you ever wanted to know about life insurance and more.” Mr. Sudzius starts with the process of deciding on what type of life insurance is needed, what changes can be considered while owning it, and options in using the proceeds. While much of the information is aimed at individual policies, there is a vast amount of information related to small business uses in creative ways–both while the business is operating and in contemplation of the owner’s death. Mr. Sudzius’ background in insurance and law gives him great insight into this subject. Unlike either profession, he is able to relate a great deal of information in a small and easy to read book. I would highly recommend it.

Tom Allen

Mr. Sudzius’s book, What Life Insurance Agents Won’t Tell You, is a must read for anyone considering the purchase of Life Insurance. The Author uses his credentials and experience to uncomplicate a somewhat mysterious and complicated product into useful and practical information. Whether the reader be planning for; simple family financial planning or planning for business continuation or complex estate planning and tax issues, the Author covers it all in simple language using examples and grafts. Life Insurance is a wonderful financial product if used for the right situation in the right way. Mr Sudzius shows you how.

Clint Butler, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MSFS