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Question of the Day – September 6

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Here’s the question of the day.

Question: What’s the biggest potential indicator of future failure in a start-up business?


Answer: According to an article in Reuters, it’s the start-up company’s tendency to get too big too fast.  The article’s source cites failures ( and Webvan) as examples of this tendency, and predicts another (Groupon) as a premature scaling that might lead to failure soon.


The attorneys at the ICS Law Group have a different perspective.  When they see these characteristics in budding entrepreneurs, they become skeptical about the business’s chances for success:


  • The start-up person or team does not have enough money for the business to survive until cash flow is self-supporting.


  • The entrepreneur has a poor business plan—or none at all.


  • The business organizers lack business savvy.


  • Where there are two or more people starting the business, they lack a strong shared vision for the business.


Most businesses fail within the first five years.  New entrepreneurs should seek advice before they start.


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