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Our newsletter subscriptions deliver targeted, relevant tax information and white-label-ready content tailored to life insurance sales teams.

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Our signature online sales tool is packed with relevant articles covering legislation changes, financial trends, and other timely topics impacting the industry. This monthly online newsletter is designed to be redistributed to your agents, giving them the tools they need to get up to speed (and stay that way).

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Golden Bullets

Give your sales pros the tools to instantly position themselves as financial experts with ready-to-send, relevant content written for customer audiences. Golden Bullets is a consumer-facing series designed to be white-labeled to your brand and distributed to clients and prospects.

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Life Live

Our consultancy clients get automatic access to our bonus newsletter as a part of the retainer relationship. Life Live is written specifically for sales pros and agents, featuring timely information about the insurance industry and tips for getting the most out of our consultant relationship.

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